Messages from the Board

Your new bill

When you get your new bill it will have two numbers you must keep for any dealings with your unit. One is a contract number, the other is an owner ID number. Please do not loose these numbers.

Buy-back program

As a board we try to help out the owners in anyway possible. The buy-back program was one of those ideas. Unfortunately it didn't work as planned & the response was overwhelming. There have been a lot of owners who returned their units which equals a lot of lost revenue....


A bonus week is for deeded owners only for a discounted week during the white weeks 1-13 & 44-52.In order to receive a bonus week you must be a deeded owner. Also you only get one bonus week per unit you own and are on the deed. So again only...

Maintenance Weeks

Thank you to all the volunteers last year that came out during the two maintenance weeks. At that time, it was a much needed effort to start The Colony back on the right path. The board has decided this year we will not be doing this. The Colony is in...

New smoking fee

The fee if caught smoking in your room or if your room smells like smoke has changed from $200 to now $500 due to the cost of cleaning the room .


Service dogs will NOT be charged the $100 fee. If your service dog should damage something you are responsible for the repair cost. The work the dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the persons disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional...


If you fill out the preregistration form on the website once you hit submit it goes straight to Cammie to save you time from filling it out in the lobby. Please use this feature for faster check in.